Yann Quenet: Dinghy-Toy 2.4m

Yann Quenet: Dinghy-Toy 2.4m

We’ve always been fans of the unconventional designs of Yann Quenet. They are different in that they aren’t afraid to take new approaches to achieve some interesting results.   For example, there’s this novel but fun looking boat:  Martolod 

Or his Baluchon.

You’ll find more fascinating designs here:  Boat-Et-Koad.Com  While this article about Yann is in French, browsers such as Chrome will allow auto-translate.

The designer reports a new design, via Facebook translation from French: “The workshop of strange boats is pleased to introduce you to the little brother of Dinghy-Toy 3M, a version in 2.40 m. This annex démontable in two parts can, of course, be adapted to all dimensions so that they can be fitted on all decks.”

Here are some photos about a build of the 3m version.

Learn about his designs here:  Boat-Et-Koad.Com 


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