Videos:  Building a Canoe

Videos: Building a Canoe

Youtube says, “Raven, our home made Canadian canoe and Danube trip with my dog and the guys I bought the plans from Selway Fisher (….) it took us 3 months to build them both with only a couple of hours a day in the evening and some week-ends. A great boat to sail under 28 kg, easy to handle alone.”

A slide show video of two canoes for double-paddle, the Trout Lily and Larkspur being built. Both designs by Fine Wood Water Craft.

Youtube says, “My favorite stuff on amazon:…

This video is a montage of an 18-video canoe building series I spent 8 months making in 2016. Watch all the videos here:

– to everyone who donated to #ripcanoe to make this possible
– to people that have been watching, liking, commenting on, and sharing my videos
– to all the people that helped me during the build process
– to my beautiful wife for helping so much and putting up with all the sawdust

Disclaimer: I don’t always follow best practices for safety (working without gloves and respirators, free-hand cutting on a tablesaw, forgetting to wear goggles). Everyone has their own risk tolerance, I’ve developed some bad habits over the years, I’ll probably end up regretting it when I get cancer at 50 or cut some fingers off. Please be careful for your own sake when doing stuff.

Here are a couple good resources to learn more about Cedar Strip Canoe Building:… – “Canoecraft” is the cedar strip canoe building bible. Buy it and read the whole book before you start building. – This site is actually really helpful. Usually if I type a specific boat building question into google a previous forum post from the Woodenboat Forum is near the top. You can also post your own questions.… – This guy (Jim Clem) made a very detailed step-by-step guide to cedar strip canoe building. There are a lot of helpful process explanations for some of the trickier parts of building. I used his blog a lot while building my first canoe.

Feel free to comment on this video if you have any questions! Thanks for watching!

I get my canoe building materials from Noah’s Marine Supply (

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