The Huge Dream Fulfilled… It Can Happen

The Huge Dream Fulfilled… It Can Happen

All of us have gotten beaten down by the daily grind that life can become.  All of us.  There are days that work becomes such a “been there, done that” experience.  What we once loved becomes mundane.  Bills.  Sick kids.  That furnace that really should have been replaced two years ago.  The slog feels unsufferably long.

Sometimes, and for some, often verging on always.  There’s love in our lives, beauty, hope… but all too often…

Let’s do an adventure in a boat that we build ourselves.   Magical words so full of promise, and hope… a true option that if only…

Fuel your dreams, be they big or small, with these guys who have set out to do their passion, to create an adventure.  They’ve made remarkable progress.

It’s possible, isn’t it?

Here’s a summary of the first year and a half.

Enjoy the entire video series here.



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