They HOMEBUILT that boat? How?  What…?

They HOMEBUILT that boat? How? What…?

The Youtube video says, “Join Team Roam at the start of their journey as they quit work, leave home and start the sailing adventure of a lifetime. Sailing the World on Roam a HOME BUILT 48 foot Catamaran. Episode 1 sees Michael, his girlfriend Liss and brother Andy preparing for our adventure North, leaving Tasmania through the Bass Strait to Melbourne to get the Mast and Sails. We manage to fit in some great surfing and some epic mountain biking in the beautiful Blue Derby trails too ”

Maybe I am too old to understand.  Did they build this boat? Then they quit their jobs? How did they build a boat this big with jobs? And if they did, how did they have enough time or money to buy and use all that sport/play equipment they have while spending what must have been a fortune on “their build”?  That boat could be a multi-year project as a homebuilder. Right?

And how did they have time to learn some pretty kick-ass skills required for building a boat like this while earning enough money to pay for it all?

Plus, if I built a boat that big, I’d feature it more than 2 minutes out of a 7-minute video, and I’d spend the entire video bragging about what I’d done.  If they built it themselves, that’s impressive.  If they paid to have it built, it just means they are rich and have the mindset, time and money for adventure.

This video shows how they are preparing for their journey?

I don’t think it is a homebuilt boat.  Not in the sense most of us are talking about.

Hmm. Or, am I being snotty and envious? Let’s just say their lives are not like mine or anybody else’s I know.  Yeah, at the time of writing this I am 61 and they are so not.

I’m dubious, at best.

The video is more a celebration of what they do in the free time in their lives than about the boat and the journey but you can wonder at the quality of their “project” while viewing.

By the way, the first comment on the second video is, “As a surfer and sailor I’m stoked on what you’re doing, however, the first two episodes play like a series of music videos. That’s great but a little more story might help engage the viewer. Who are you as individuals, how did you get to this point, details of the boat (if its home built you must have some really great anecdotes), details of the cruising grounds, future plans and why, these sort of things are compelling to the viewer, they make us care about you and what you are doing. Wishing you well!”

They respond, “Hey Christopher, thanks a lot for your comments and glad that you have watched some of them. We are pretty new to YouTube but we have started getting much more narrative into our vids. If you keep watching our newer stuff (like our most recent episodes 14 and 15) which we filmed this last few months in Fiji then we talk a lot more and you get a better idea of who we are. We have a ‘who are we’ episode coming soon. Thanks, Holly”

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