Sukha Build – Day 7

Sukha Build – Day 7

Given I am changing the boat plans somewhat, I am trying to be VERY aware of my choices.  At this point I am thinking of my addition of a rear cockpit instead of a flat deck.   I’ve built a 3-D model in Sketchup, which helps a lot.

This morning has already seen an hour of Sketchup time on Frame one, which includes the companionway hatch.  Yes, I think, that will be enough swing for the internal tiller.  No, I don’t think doing a butt joint of two pieces of plywood down the center of the frame will create problems.  This frame will take two sheets.

The two trapezoid openings give access to space under the seats.  This boat has plenty of storage, but I’d like access to all spaces in the boat for maintenance. I don’t want to create a hatch on top of the seat.  I want seat comfort and no leaks.  The access holes are about nine by fourteen inches, though I may just put in a circular hatch.  They are very affordable and could work just fine, while still allow passengers to rest their backs against that wall.

I added the rear backbone cutoffs to the strongback.  I don’t have a good picture yet, but this gives you some idea.

I also worked out the dimensions of the two pieces for the front backbone.


Reminder: Guiclémanac’h is the name of the design.  Sukha is the name of this particular boat.  Sukha is easier/possible to say, so I’ll mostly write Sukha.

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The original plans call for the boat to be 4.5 meters.  Yann Quenet, the designer, also drew up a set with a total length of 5 meters, which is what I am building.  5 meters is 16.4 feet. Follow the YANN link to see the plans page.  Reminder, the plan details assume you are a professional builder on this design so no detail is given on things like hatches, windows and joinery.

The first build was done by Alexandre Badri.  Thanks to Bateaux (check this link for a story about this boat) for the use of their images.  I’ll always try to link to their article. Let’s give them some traffic as a thank you.  And Alexandre, wow, you do nice work!


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