Sukha Build – Day 4

Sukha Build – Day 4

Plans are a guide to building.  Some plans include a LOT of info, others less, but none of them include everything.  There are decisions to be made, both in what exactly the designer meant, and in what modifications you may want to make so the boat works well for you.

As I’ve shared before, the plans for Guiclémanac’h were done for a professional boat shop, with the assumption they didn’t need any hand-holding. This is my fifth boat build, so while I am FAR from a pro, I do have some idea of what is going on.  Still, this wood is expensive stuff and I want this boat to be safe and work well.  I’m going slowly, carefully, trying to think before I cut.

I noticed a few changes that were done by the professional shop, and I plan to follow a couple of them.   The most important change right now is for the two backbone pieces.  The plans show this:

In the rendering above, which I did with SketchUp, you see two rear backbones with the leg of the L shape serving as sides for a water-resisting trunk for the lines.  This is a small sample of the Paradox plans to show what I mean.  This is a side view.  At the top is the front deck of the boat where the mast comes in.  At the right is where the lines come into the boat cabin.  Water dripping through the holes for the lines and mast drain out the bottom of the boat:

When you look at the build done by Alexandre Badri, you see that it is all missing.  (by the way, thanks to Bateaux for the use of their images.  I’ll always try to link to their article. Let’s give them some traffic as a thank you.  And Alexandre, wow, you do nice work!)

First off, I like that I can make more efficient use of the plywood by not making the short leg of the L shape be a part of the base.

I can add a line/drip case later or take some other approach.

As long as I am talking about changes, here’s what the plans show for the back deck.  Compare that to what is above.

I’ll add that back seating.

Today I am working on one of the rear backbones.  I cut out two 8′ long sections to the correct widest width.  Then I butt scarfed an extension piece on.  I’ll post pictures here a bit later today.

Reminder: Guiclémanac’h is the name of the design.  Sukha is the name of this particular boat.  Sukha is easier/possible to say, so I’ll mostly write Sukha.  Click here to see all posts.

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