20 Year Old Never Sailed, Rebuilds Sailboat

20 Year Old Never Sailed, Rebuilds Sailboat

From Popular Mechanics:  “I’d never sailed before. This wasn’t a problem, however, because we were not sailing. We were hobbling.



My new boat, bought for $5,000 from a man who told us only after we’d paid that we had two days to move the boat before he was kicked out of his slip, puttered out of the Alameda Channel and into San Francisco Bay. A 1974 Tartan 34C, No Bubbles fulfilled the promise of its name. At full throttle, the 14-hp Johnson outboard motor I’d lashed to the transom moved us wakelessly toward the Oyster Point Marina, ten miles across the bay. It would take six hours to get there.

When I bought No Bubbles, I knew it needed work. The previous owner had taken the engine out to do repairs and left it in a dock cart for months, where it rusted into oblivion. And that was a problem I could actually see. But I wasn’t deterred. I work as…” Read More

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