Michael Storer: New Viola 14 Sailing “Canoe”

Michael Storer: New Viola 14 Sailing “Canoe”

The designer says, “We have just finished the plan for another sailing canoe. Very different idea from Beth, which you’ll also find in our pages about boat plans.  It is called Viola 14 and it basically is a fast sailing dinghy that has a canoe planform. This gives it a lot more stability than the average sailing canoe and handling characteristics that are familiar to dinghy sailors.”

Docile handling at speed, waves and any angle of heel

The asymmetry with flatter sections aft makes the boat fast with a performance curve similar to a fast light sailing dinghy. At 75lbs is IS a fast light sailing dinghy with similar handling. But, sailing canoes are well known for having very nice steering characteristics. The hull has similar volume each end and the centre of buoyancy doesn’t shift far aft as the boat heels. That is heeling the boat doesn’t change its steering characteristic.

Something we learned from our first boat plan, the very famous classic but fast BETH design. You can push boats with balanced volumes very hard and they track straight and happily.

You can see the very neutral tiller angle in every video shot. It is always light with a positive response to tiller movement.

Specification Viola Sailing Canoe

Length – 14ft
Beam – 40ins
Hull weight as specified – 75lbs
Masts – Aluminium standard tubing set up as 2 piece to fit inside the boat
Sails – 3 options. Squaretops have one reef that can be set up on the beach. Balance lug has 3 reefs that can be set up on the water.
4.7sq m Squaretop Laminate Bermudan Rig with laminate sail and sleeve luff
6.0sq m Squaretop Laminate Bermudan Rig with laminate sail and sleeve luff
6.3sq m Balance Lug with 3 reefs.

All sails available from our ReallySimpleSails.com

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2 thoughts on “Michael Storer: New Viola 14 Sailing “Canoe”

  1. Thankyou for Posting this!

    Not that it’s a big part of what viola was designed to do, but in the last year she has finished well in the big mixed fleet races in the Netherlands.

    One raid she came in first by over an hour.

    Another she came in 13th out of 200 boats.

    Extends the small simple light idea of the goat island skiff as a very competitive distance event boat.

    Thanks again


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