Making Perfect Epoxy Fillets

Making Perfect Epoxy Fillets

Our shop’s first boat was built before the Internet had video!   When we did our fillets, we used WAY too much fillet material.  Don’t be us.  Watch this.

The YouTube video says, “Real time demonstration of making a perfect epoxy fillet using WEST epoxy and Microspheres Blend filler by expert ply/epoxy boatbuilder Hanneke Boon of James Wharram Designs. The boat featured in this video is the CNC kit ply/epoxy trailer-sailer catamaran Mana 24.

Note, one comment said, “The fillet needs a wet coat of catalyzed epoxy resin before the filler is applied regardless of whether or not you have previously coated the ply. This alone doubles the strength of the joint. In addition, you can speed up the job by putting the filler in a plastic bag and applying ah-la cake decorator by cutting the corner of the bag and squeezing the thickened epoxy into the joint. I have done as many as three bulkheads at a time with this method, mixing as much as a quart of filler at a time with virtually no waste and very little cleanup on either side of the joint. A chip brush with the bristles cut in an arc can be used with more epoxy to clean up and seal the fillet in one stroke and will allow you to apply four oz. glass to the joint for maximum strength easily. Some boats have hundreds of feet of these fillets and you need to have a system to get it done or you’ll never finish.”

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