Large Devlin Design – Beautiful

Large Devlin Design – Beautiful

Malone built a beautiful houseboat recently.  Pictures below.  The site says, “The hull of this boat is designed by Sam Devlin of Tumwater, Washington. He created the stitch-and-glue boatbuilding method and indeed wrote a book about it, “Devlin’s Boat Building”.   The interior design with all its details are the creation of the boat’s owner, Gordon Bok.   The boat has a shallow vee bottom, with transoms at both ends like a scow. Construction is of marine plywood. The plywood panels get cut to shape with a cnc machine. ”

The designer says, “A 36ft. Houseboat built by Malone Boatbuilding (Maine) for the famed Artist, Composer, Singer Gordon Bok a couple of years ago. What a great place to spend a little time in the summer.”

4 thoughts on “Large Devlin Design – Beautiful

  1. Simple is good! This is a practical boat that the owner(s) can truly enjoy instead of spending all their time maintaining a “yacht”. Wish I could trailer it. Sam has a way of getting down to basics for our benefit.

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