Kids Learn to Build Boats in 5th Grade

Kids Learn to Build Boats in 5th Grade

From Coastal Journal:
BATH — Ashton Jacobs had no problem sanding the port side of a not-yet-seaworthy wooden vessel despite his mother and several classmates watching his every move.

Jacobs leaned in closely and meticulously went back and forth with a piece of sandpaper, smoothing out the underside of the Monhegan Island skiff he was helping build as part of the Maine Maritime Museum’s Discovery Boatbuilding Program.

The museum hosted an open house for family and friends of the 20 fifth-graders from West Bath School, who visit the Washington Street museum once a week to construct two skiffs that will be launched in late June.

“Most everything we do in school has something to do with the community, building something or doing a service not just in the classroom,” said teacher Rob Schulz.

The students are split into two groups of 10 with each of them spending several hours every Thursday working in the boat shop, a couple of hundred… Read More

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