Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Three

Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Three

I bought my first plywood sheets and have laid out the first of three internal backbones for my Sukha build.  I am excited, as this feels like the first REAL day of boat building.

Today’s mission was:

  • mount cartop racks on my Toyota Prius Prime so I can haul plywood. – DONE
  • Pack straps to hold plywood down. – DONE
  • Go buy two or three sheets of 9mm Okume. – DONE, three sheets.
  • Buy sharp jig saw blades for plywood – Not yet
  • setup work table in garage. – Done
  • Lay out the center keel sections – One is drawn, as much of it as will fit on a full plywood sheet. 

This may be well known by others, but moving forward I will never buy plywood from a place like Home Deport, or in the NW, Dunn Lumber.  Today, for the first time, I drove down to the inconveniently located CrossCut Hardwoods.   The difference in their stock and the quality of that stock is night and day.  First off, they have Aquatech, Hydrotech, and Okume. Box stores carry none of that.  All of the sheets in stock looked beautiful.  When I went to the local sorta big box store, the marine plywood was filled with plugs and sanded putty.  No that isn’t really a fair comparison, fir marine ply. vs Okume, which is why I will go to places like Crosscut from now on.  Lots of stock.  The right stock.  Beautiful stock. Helpful staff.   Is it more expensive?  Sorta, but reasonably so.  I think Aquatech was $80, HyrdroTech was $90, and Okume was $105.  The fir marine ply at the sorta-big-box store was $88.  This is for one 9mm sheet of 4′ by 8′.

The plans require two of these pieces, basically the rear interior backbone.  I’ve just laid out 8′ of one of them.

I’ve left off some measurements to be fair to the designer, Yann Quenet.

One small step for man, one giant leap for Bryan Lowe of Seattle.  Sukha begins.

Reminder: Guiclémanac’h/Sukha is the name of the design.  Sukha is the name of this particular boat.  Sukha is easier/possible to say, so I’ll mostly write Sukha.  Click here to see all posts.


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