Guiclémanac’h Pre-Build Continues

Guiclémanac’h Pre-Build Continues

Oh, the love affairs I’ve had.  I’ve had one night stands and affairs that were intense and quick to burn out, much like shooting stars.  I’ve loved for weeks, then left them behind, only to return again a few months or even years later.  I’ve written about them extensively, laying bare the details of my love and passion.  I’ve flirted with Devlin, Roberts, Delaunay, and Spires.  Retreat, Rufus, Ling Cod, Evening Song, Autumn Leaves, and Scamp.  Some nights I’ve drooled over Buehler, Atkins, Bolger and so many others.  I simply love to dream of boats. And now it’s Quenet and his lovely little Guiclémanac’h.  That’s my current love, and I plan to build her.

Life always has a way of intruding into our dreams, doesn’t it?  Work.  Family.  Friends.  All wonderful, well, for the most part, but they conspire to rob you of boat building time.  Now I am retired to part time and my kids are grown, but time is still precious.   Right now it’s a wedding trip for a nephew, fill-in time at work, and work around the house.  And then there’s that messy shop.  I’m making progress, though.

In the meantime, in the late night and early morning hours, I’m spending time in Sketchup doing my best to totally understand the layout and options such as access to under seat storage.  There are some alignment errors in my drawing, but this gives us a pretty good idea of the layout.


Yes, I am having pre-build jitters, but they are limited.  This build will be consummated., I swear it!

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3 thoughts on “Guiclémanac’h Pre-Build Continues

    1. Sorry for the delayed response. I’d love to build it, but I am torn as to which boat I want to build. I’ll figure this out soon.

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