Guiclémanac’h – Day One

Guiclémanac’h – Day One

Today my build of guiclémanac’h officially begins.  Well, the garage clean-up has been ongoing, and more is needed, but there are other foundational items to take care of as well.  And, I plan to start work on the building jig. Yeah, let’s call this day one.


Continue cleanup of garage and shop:  Everytime I turn around I’ve piled more “stuff” in there.  First order of business was to create an “away” for everything, as I need that in order to put something “away”!    I made progress today, but can now see I will need to move some big things out of there.  The boat is 7′ 10″ wide.  My garage door is 8′.  That sander and the freezer are going to have to go, and perhaps the file cabinet as well.   Doh.  I need to give some things away.  There aren’t enough places to create an “away” all this stuff.

Make a plan for building; These plans were drawn for a professional shop.  There is no information at all on process or methods.  Measurements and indications of how the pieces fit together, but no building plan.

Building jig:  I took some old 2 by 6 boards I had leftover from an old deck rebuild.  I cut them to length and used butt joints to put them together.  They are just a touch longer than what the boat will be.

Yeah, my shop isn’t really big enough, but I’ll have to make it work.  It can… just barely.

Before and During:


AFTER will have to come in the next few days.  This is still quite a mess.


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