Advice: No.  Don’t Buy a Boat

Advice: No. Don’t Buy a Boat

A liveaboard couple gives us reasons to NOT buy a boat to liveaboard.  They make some good points, but as one comment says, “My dad once said: “I could give you many reasons why not to buy a boat but they would be pretty much the same reasons not to have a child. And you’re my greatest joy.”

Youtube says, “In this frank discussion, we let you in on the secret hell of owning a boat, sometimes alluded to but seldom covered in depth by most sailing channels. ? If you enjoyed this video, please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE, your feedback gets us noticed by YouTube and helps people discover us! Thank you. There are lots of videos telling us how to buy a boat, but SHOULD you? Sometimes boat life is not what it’s cracked up to be. We have met many sailors who liked the idea of the dream, but were brought down to earth by the reality of living aboard 24/7. Even if it’s only a weekend boat, or for spending a few months a year on, boats will gnaw away at your patience.

In no particular order, here are the five subjects we urge you to think about before taking that leap into boat world.  Click to go to that portion of the video:

  • 01:20 Boats go wrong all the time
  • 03:14 Boats kill relationships
  • 04:18 Boats are never clean
  • 05:47 Boats change the way you look
  • 07:28 Boats eat money


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