Did You Know?  Ogeechee River Boats

Did You Know? Ogeechee River Boats

We thought we’d seen them all through our years of daydreaming over the traditional boat designs.  Well, we hadn’t.  Had you heard of Ogeechee River Boats  Our headquarters is in Seattle, so we hadn’t even heard of the Ogeechee River!  Take a close look as the back is the front and the front… well, watch the videos.

The Ogeechee River Boat Company put out some lovely boats, though their site seems dead, and possibly infected, so don’t go too deep looking for them.  Check out my Etsy link below.  This video helps, too.

There is an Etsy page for the company, so I’d guess that is where they’ve gone.  They say, “The Ogeechee River Boats have been long since forgotten and slipped off into history until a few years ago. These boats have been around for a 100 years. Unique in their design and performance, they were built by fishermen for fishermen. Over the years, many people tried to mass produce the boats out of various materials, mainly fiberglass, and all have failed. The true riverboat is built out of cypress and other local trees. Their sterns are very narrow and the angles in the center section and bow give the boats their unique shape.

The boats feature a sliding front seat, built in tackle draw under each seat, built-in rod holder, built-in paddles holder, 2 custom paddles, and built in live well and storage. Folding wood seats can be added for an extra charge. Boats range in price from $3,500 to $10,000. The boat as shown sells for $7,500.

The boats are 13′ to 14′ long, 9″ to 14″ wide at the stern, 28″ to 32″ at the bow and can be built either out of marine plywood or clear southern cypress. The boats are typically accented with unique wood from old buildings and places with rich history. ”

Here’s a restoration project underway:  “Many years ago as a young lad, my grandfather who I refer to as “Pop” would come to my house and ask me if I wanted to go fishing with him. This usually meant that he was going to fish as I paddled the boat for him. However I have many fond memories and learned a great deal about fishing and life on our trips on Brier creek and the Ogeechee river.

His craft of choice was a shallow drafting hand built plywood boat that was narrow in the rear for easy paddling and curved from bow to stern so it could be easily pulled across logs and stumps. These Ogeechee River boats were special built for the slow running warm water rivers and creeks of south Georgia.

I am now 45 and Pop has long since moved on to that great fishing grounds in the sky.

I have come in possession of the exact same boat that Pop and I spent many hours in. The years have not been kind to it, however it is definitely salvageable. I am going to chronicle my progress of restoration in a running log on this page for everyone to see.

Day One – So day one of restoration, I began sanding to remove old paint, This stuff is tuff. This part of the restoration, I feel is going to take the most amount of time. I was using 80 grit sand paper on an orbital sander but think I need to step up to a more aggressive grit. Also going to need a… Read More

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