Delaunay Camping Scow – Mini

Delaunay Camping Scow – Mini

Jérôme Delaunay has created some interesting and beautiful designs for what would be considered by many as affordable and practical boats.  He leans toward scows, but offers far more, including cats and trimarans.  Click here to see all his designs, which are pictured below.

We love the simplicity and practicality of his ten foot long Scow 320 Camper.


His site says, “A simple sprit sail scow, which can be set as a tent at night on hoops frames. One main central long keel and two bilge skegs to sit upright.

– LOA 3.20 m x Beam 1.24 m
– SA 4.75 m²
– Weight 70 kg
– Weight full load 300 kg
– Camper for one, daysailer for three ( CE D/3 protected waters )

Full plans in PDF with 3D building guide.

3-1/2 sheets of ACX 5/16 8 mm or 3/8 10 mm plywood.”

In our opinion, this would be a great first time build, so long as you read up on construction techniques in addition to the plans.  Imagine how quickly this would go together compared to so many other boats, yet, It seems pretty full featured for what it is.   Check it out.  For imperial dimensions check out Duckworks.

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