Small Sailing Scow

Jerome Delaunay has designed some beautiful little scows that could be built relatively reasonably and affordably.  Check out his designs here. Read More  

Guiclémanac’h, a Wonderful Little Boat

Guiclémanac’h – I have no idea how to pronounce it and no idea what it means, other than to say it is the name of my latest love.  That’s what matters. The image doesn’t give a full sense of this.  It is tiny.  14′ 5″ long and 7 feet wide. […]

Rufus Sailing Scow

At TheBoatBuilding.Shop we are suckers for any boat that combines a shantyboat with a sail, as it ticks off a lot of boxes for us.  We present for your consideration the Rufus by George Buehler.  None have been built that we are aware of, and the plans are too expensive […]

Silver Gull 19

LOD 19’7″  LWL 13’7″  Beam 6’6″   Draft 3’0″or 2’8″ Sail Area 95 sqft  Displacement 1,885 lbs. Ballast 785 lbs. Oh, this boat has gotten the attention of the crew in a pretty big way. So what’s that all about? Macnaughton, the designer, says, “There are advantages to a […]

Goat Island Skiff Showing Off!

This looks like a ton of fun.  The YouTube clips says, “Blasting around in our Goat Island Skiff at 8 – 11 knots.” And now something more sedate: Plans here.  It’s a build that won’t take forever!