Did You Know?

Punt (skiff) Poling

In researching punt poling we discovered poling a skiff is common in the Everglades. Well, whether you are poling an American skiff or a Cambridge inspired punt, here’s a good explanation of it all. See A Punting Celebration. New bonus video. Title this one, “I had no idea you could […]

Highest Waterfall In A Kayak 189ft

Ah.  Not for me, thanks. Tyler Bradt completes the World Record Waterfall Descent. This drop was re-measured at 189 ft. A few feet taller then we had previously thought… Tyler sustained minor injuries which included a sprained wrist and a massive hit.  

Largest 3-D Printed Boat

The shape of things to come?  Not for the home builder, but perhaps for commercial builders? Researchers at the University of Maine unveiled the world’s largest 3D-printer on Thursday and set 3 Guinness World Records: for the largest printer, the largest solid 3D-printed object and the largest 3D-printed boat. The […]

How Sailing Works

A pretty good look at how sailing “works”.  The YouTube video says, “Northern California has a storied, 500-year history of sailing. But despite this rich heritage, scientists and boat designers continue to learn more each day about what makes a sail boat move. Contrary to what you might expect, the […]

Losing a Friend… I Start to Wonder

Opinion:  A friend of mine, a fellow boat-nut, just died last night, a month after a sore shoulder turned out to be cancer. My brother-in-law has stage four cancer, as does a good friend of mine from a place where I spend some time volunteering. A friend since grade school […]

Advice: No. Don’t Buy a Boat

A liveaboard couple gives us reasons to NOT buy a boat to liveaboard.  They make some good points, but as one comment says, “My dad once said: “I could give you many reasons why not to buy a boat but they would be pretty much the same reasons not to […]