Building Micro Petrel Dinghy

Building Micro Petrel Dinghy

Ulrich Koch on YouTube says, “The first time I tried the stich and glue method to build a small boat – in fact the first time I built a boat by myself. This is no “how to” video, just some video footage from the building process. The boat was designed by Sam Devlin and I recommend his boat building videos on youtube.”

Devlin Boats says, “The Micro Petrel is a great 8′ yacht tender. As the name implies, it is the little sister to the Lit’l Petrel. She is the design response to the need for a small, rugged, lightweight yacht tender, but she can be used in any situation that needs a small boat with the ability to carry a variety of loads while maintaining its balance and performance. She is another Devlin easy-to-build option, in terms of both space and cost. Her size makes her easy to handle, store, and transport. She makes a great cartopper.

Read the story of the Micro Petrel in Sam’s design notes.

Julian Swindell sent us a great set of build photos.

The Micro Petrel is available in study and full construction plans and as CNC cut kit.”

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