Building a Strongback Right-Side Up

Building a Strongback Right-Side Up

While my workshop overhaul continues I am also working on getting a full understanding of the plans for Guiclémanac’h.  The designer, Yann Quenet, has been VERY helpful so far, but he would admit that the plans were designed for a professional yard, one that already knows how to build a hatch, knows details of rigging, and other details of the build.   It’s clearly enough to build a boat, but more is left to the imagination than on some plans.  This is my fifth build, give or take, so I feel fine, but thought laying out all the pieces would help me really understand the build.  Also, the professional shop that built the first one made a few modifications such as a back deck with bench seats.  I want to add those.

I started with the strongback.

I want to build this boat “right-side-up”, like Welsford’s Tread Lightly and Scamp.  Check this site out for some good Scamp build info.

Check out the Scamp build link above to find out more about this image. Screw the bottom down onto the strongback.

My build space is smaller with a much lower ceiling and my build is fifty percent larger, so I make my strongback lower.  Here’s my first idea.

I drew these “plans” in Sketchup. (Please feel free to use on your sites or share, but please link to this page.) The strongback sides and cross pieces will be 2 by 6’s left over from an old back deck for my house.  Then, the supports at each station will be made of plywood and a 2 by 3 cross piece.  The drawing above shows various cross piece dimensions, but I will make them all 2 by 3 stock.  Note, in order to be fair to the designer I must say the dimensions on this are NOT what you would get with the plans.  Buy plans for the “real” dimensions.

These are not drawn precisely.  I’m doing them more for really getting clear on what goes where.

The bottom is done in two layers of 9mm plywood.  I’ll stagger the joints and do no scarf.

I am really getting excited for the build… and to finally have a clean garage and shop!  That process is slow, but steady.

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