Bo – Jest, the Tug

Bo – Jest, the Tug

My grandfather built boats, my father built the house I grew up in, and I always figured I’d build, too.  The first boat plans I ever bought, once that dream bit me hard, was for the Bo – Jest from GlenL.  I distinctly remember calling up a friendly woman at Glen-L and telling her I was nervous about the idea of building a boat, but she told me people do it all the time and that I should go for it.   But when I told her I wanted to order plans for their new Bo – Jest design, she paused.  Without speaking I could sense her thoughts.  I’d chosen too big a project for my first boat.  Excited, I ignored her, or at least what I thought she was thinking, and ordered the plans anyway.  When they arrived I instantly knew she was right.  Too much boat for a first timer.  I never built her. I’m thinking of building my fifth boat now, and Bo – Jest is still too big a project for me.

Not for Tom Smitherman.  He built one and stretched it more than 2 feet.

The YouTube video says, “Go on a tour with Tom Smitherman as he shows off the beautiful Bo-Jest he built using Glen-L plans and patterns. See detail on this design:  –  Here some builders discuss the boat.

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  1. Tom, I purchased the plans and plan to start soon. In the video you stated you stretched the boat by 25 inches. Was that the hull, the cabin or both?

    Many thanks

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