Beth Sailing Canoe

Beth Sailing Canoe

Michael Storer’s website says, “Good Performance does not necessarily mean complex construction – BETH Sailing Canoe.

She is also one of the simplest to build. And sails just slower than a Club level Laser.Some consider BETH to be one of the prettiest sailing canoes. And she always draws positive comments from onlookers.

Some photos of building a BETH sailing canoe yawl built at a Duck Flat Summer School many years ago. I came across these pics looking through the files on one of the computers at Duck Flat Wooden Boats.

Length – 15’6″ (4.73m)
Beam – 32″ (0.81m)
Weight – 70lbs (32kg) – Gaboon (Okoume) Ply
Sail Area – 85 sq ft (7.9 sq metres)

Plans $100 (BETH sailing canoe plan Information available here)”

Editor note:  These are fun boats, but they are also challenging.  Read up on this design before you consider building.


3 thoughts on “Beth Sailing Canoe

  1. Thankyou for posting this story!

    Also thankyou for posting the reminder that sailing canoes do require some extra sailing skill.

    By the way we have just finished the plan for another sailing canoe. Very different idea.

    It is called Viola 14 and it basically a fast sailing dinghy that has a canoe planform.

    This gives it a lot more stability than the average sailing canoe and handling characteristics that are familiar to dinghy sailors.

    1. I’ve enjoyed your designs for a LONG time. I’ll do a post on this new one soon. Thanks for checking in.

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