Around the World in a Junk Rigged Boat

Around the World in a Junk Rigged Boat

No engine.  No electronics.  No toilet. Junk rig. Here’s a quick report:

The YouTube clip says, “Kris Larsen spent 104 days at sea in his junk-rigged sailbaot blown off course without an engine or any electronics. Mr. Larsen used celestial navigation forsaking GPS, EPIRBS, and even a toilet on his minimalist sailboat as he sailed around the world.

His wife, Nat Uhing, wrote in her blog that his boat lacked basic electrical gear and an engine. She wrote:

“…since he built his steel Chinese-junk-rigged sailboat and started sailing around without the usual engine, GPS, EPIRB, digital charts, radio, solar panels, water-maker, or toilet.”

Mr. Larsen and his wife dispute that this was a sailboat rescue. He only asked for a tow into Maui because there was no wind.

Photos in Haiti in 2016 by Raymond Bideaux were reproduced with permission.

Public domain photos and videos from the USCG.

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