“Affordable” Satellite SOS and Texts

“Affordable” Satellite SOS and Texts

Affordable is a relative term, isn’t it?  Is about $25 a month affordable when you get the ability to call for help when you are in serious need?  It’s a thought that crosses my mind as I ponder a somewhat risky adventure.  I really don’t want to find myself facing a death that could have been avoided if I had just spent the damn money.  Better safe than sorry sounds trite, till you are dying.

The Garmin InReach Explorer with powered mount is $480 as of this writing, and that isn’t cheap.  And then there’s the monthly fee, for just like the electricity in our homes, it won’t work unless we pay a monthly fee.  More on that later.

What is it?  This is from a dealer, but does a good job of covering the basics.

For mapping on the PLUS, the screen is small, so you can pair it with smartphones and some tablets through their app.

How’s it all work on a boat?  This guy lays that out, showing how he uses it for yacht delivery.  Start at nine minutes in.  Oh, and did I mention the marine weather updates?

Now about those subscriptions…


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