House is a Boat

House is a Boat

From Milwaukee Sentinal Journal:  Milwaukee’s “boat house” needs a new captain.

The distinctive east side home at 3138 N. Cambridge Ave. went up for sale late last week. Home buyers can purchase the property — which comes with its own lighthouse — for just under $400,000.

As a child, current owner William Kortsch lived a few doors from the house and said the home’s nautical design has always captured his attention. His grandfather even poured concrete in the basement and installed terrazzo flooring.


“There was never anything built like it in the whole world nor will there ever be,” he said. “It represents America — the United States in its boom years.”

The single-family home sits near the banks of the Milwaukee River and is formally known as the Edmund B. Gustorf House. Gustorf, who built the house in the 1920s, was a traveling salesman and described the home as a “yacht bungalow” on the building permit.

The wood for the hull and deck cabin of the house is supposedly from a… Read More

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