21 Footer from Scrap Lumber

21 Footer from Scrap Lumber

There’s the “right way” and then there is this way. Note that there is no follow up as to how the boat worked… or didn’t.

Video says, “We set out to fulfill our dream of building a boat over 20 feet and with no plans and a handful of wood from Home Depot we did just that. Say what you want about our building process, or lack of professionalism, but the final product speaks for itself. We had no written or drawn up plans besides a scribble with dimensions on it, and we spent roughly $750 all together on materials. The entire process took roughly 45 days to complete. We cannot thank our friends and family enough for their support through the process and allowing us to fulfill our dream, and cap off the best summer in history. We built this boat to inspire others to get off their phones or video games and do something you have always wanted to do. Life is too short, so spend your money on things that you can experience and enjoy the process along the way. Life is a party!”

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