Video: An Overview on Using Epoxy in Boats

Youtube says, “In this video we discuss the basic principles you should know when working with epoxy and demonstrate common applications of epoxy in wooden boat construction. We recommend watching this video before you begin any boat building project with an Old Mission Boat Company kit.

Working with Epoxy – 0:35 How Epoxy Works – 1:31 Setting Up Your Epoxy – 3:04 Mixing Epoxy – 4:18 Sealing Wood – 6:32 Laying Fiberglass – 7:29 Filleting – 9:09 Bonding – 11:28

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  1. Mark C Perrine

    Thanks. I almost made a mistake when I put a fiberglass boot on a paddle I just finished. P.S. The boot is also called a rock gard.

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