Punt Progress

My Michalak punt build is progressing nicely, in spite of Spring rain showers.

The first build:

I’ve made some changes. I am sure this sort of thing can frustrate designers, but so it goes. First off, my biggest concern was that hassles mean a boat doesn’t get used. Especially with a shoulder injury, the idea of launching this thing by myself, especially from a car top, is out of the question. Unless, maybe, I break it into three pieces, which I will be doing at the doubled frames. A long center section, then two ends. I also planned to put the chine outside, as designed, but for whatever reason, the remaining plywood was too narrow to fit, plus, a builder of this boat or a similar one said the boat needed a bit of stiffening, as I recall, so I put in two beefy internal chine logs… so far. I may add a third down the center. These changes required some framing changes. Just to be clear, I am sure the plans were fine as drawn, but I wanted a few changes. Speaking of the plans, well worth the price. Very affordable, both for the plans and the build itself.

Check out our other stories on punts. I am pretty enthusiastic about them right now! I’ll keep you updated as the build progresses. Plans here.

I am thinking of getting a bit fancier than the first build, though I don’t want to lose the first builds practicality. Dark green paint with cream trim, perhaps? Varnish is beautiful, until it isn’t. No varnish for my purposes.

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  1. The plans actually call for a center stiffener. Hope it goes well for you. I am debating this build or going ahead with my ‘big build’ next.

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