Considering a Shantyboat from 1880

First off, I recognize this is a first world issue… meaning, I have a choice between two really cool boats.  I;m lucky.  But I do have a choice and will share my thinking so far. One can only build and store so many big boats… probably just one.  What should […]

Considering Autumn Leaves

Designer John C. Harris of CLC believed he’d set out a design that pleased him but would interest few others. Autumn Leaves, is probably an answer to a question no one is asking except me.  And thus the resulting hours spent drawing up Autumn Leaves are billed to personal amusement and recreation. Let’s take […]

Michael Storer: New Viola 14 Sailing “Canoe”

The designer says, “We have just finished the plan for another sailing canoe. Very different idea from Beth, which you’ll also find in our pages about boat plans.  It is called Viola 14 and it basically is a fast sailing dinghy that has a canoe planform. This gives it a […]

Bo – Jest, the Tug

My grandfather built boats, my father built the house I grew up in, and I always figured I’d build, too.  The first boat plans I ever bought, once that dream bit me hard, was for the Bo – Jest from GlenL.  I distinctly remember calling up a friendly woman at […]

Beth Sailing Canoe

Michael Storer’s website says, “Good Performance does not necessarily mean complex construction – BETH Sailing Canoe. She is also one of the simplest to build. And sails just slower than a Club level Laser.Some consider BETH to be one of the prettiest sailing canoes. And she always draws positive comments from […]

Delaunay Camping Scow – Mini

Jérôme Delaunay has created some interesting and beautiful designs for what would be considered by many as affordable and practical boats.  He leans toward scows, but offers far more, including cats and trimarans.  Click here to see all his designs, which are pictured below. We love the simplicity and practicality of […]