Punt Progress

July 28th Update Added at the End of this Page. My Michalak punt build is progressing nicely, in spite of Spring rain showers. The first build of this boat: I’ve made some changes to the design. I am sure this sort of thing can frustrate designers, but so it goes. […]

A Punt Celebration

An expansion of an earlier post. Initial Reasoning Through my years of boat ownership, I’ve learned that the best boat is the one that gets used. Most don’t get used, truly. There are a lot of reasons why, but here are a few I’ve experienced: Too heavy to launch on […]

Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Three

I bought my first plywood sheets and have laid out the first of three internal backbones for my Sukha build.  I am excited, as this feels like the first REAL day of boat building. Today’s mission was: mount cartop racks on my Toyota Prius Prime so I can haul plywood. […]

21 Days Aboard a Paradox

Some overhead highlights from 3 weeks on the River Thames. Paradox is a homebuild microcruiser designed by Matt Layden. –  WEBSITE A beautiful video that could use more shots of the boat!

N.E.D. is What I Need.

As I daydream about a possible build of N.E.D., the Nesting Expedition Dinghy, this is what comes to mind.  This is my daydream… and someday it will happen.   Floating a few dozen yards off-shore, I considered how to make the first landing of my trIp. Above me, a gentle […]

A Boat That Will Get Used – Part Two

What’s not to like about this summary from the designer? “I’ve spent many hours pondering how you might optimize a small, easy-to-build boat just for “beach cruising.” Coastal cruising in tiny boats has always been fringey but it’s nothing new.  We might date the invention of recreational open-boat voyaging to […]