Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Three

I bought my first plywood sheets and have laid out the first of three internal backbones for my Sukha build.  I am excited, as this feels like the first REAL day of boat building. Today’s mission was: mount cartop racks on my Toyota Prius Prime so I can haul plywood. […]

21 Days Aboard a Paradox

Some overhead highlights from 3 weeks on the River Thames. Paradox is a homebuild microcruiser designed by Matt Layden. –  WEBSITE A beautiful video that could use more shots of the boat!

N.E.D. is What I Need.

As I daydream about a possible build of N.E.D., the Nesting Expedition Dinghy, this is what comes to mind.  This is my daydream… and someday it will happen.   Floating a few dozen yards off-shore, I considered how to make the first landing of my trIp. Above me, a gentle […]

A Boat That Will Get Used – Part Two

What’s not to like about this summary from the designer? “I’ve spent many hours pondering how you might optimize a small, easy-to-build boat just for “beach cruising.” Coastal cruising in tiny boats has always been fringey but it’s nothing new.  We might date the invention of recreational open-boat voyaging to […]

A Boat That Will Get Used – Part One

Boat defined:  A hole in the water into which vast amounts of money is poured. – Everyone Best day for boat owners:  Day of purchase and the day you get rid of it. – Also everybody. I’ve noticed a pattern with boats.  They get used a lot for the first […]

Superb Houseboat/Shantyboat Build

YouTube says, “A woodworking wizard named Richard built the Koroc – a beautiful floating tiny house RV on aluminum pontoons. It’s unbelievable what a comfortable home he’s created in such a small space. Imagine living in this micro cabin, floating on a river or a lake, and enjoying fresh air […]