First Sail: 10′ Trimaran

The first boat ever built in our shops was a John Marples designed 3-meter trimaran.   It was a blast… at least while the 3-Meter Class survived.  Ours was the Seaclipper 10. Take a look at this little boat moving along pretty well… Youtube says, “1st TestSail new small trimaran Chryz10 […]

The Huge Dream Fulfilled… It Can Happen

All of us have gotten beaten down by the daily grind that life can become.  All of us.  There are days that work becomes such a “been there, done that” experience.  What we once loved becomes mundane.  Bills.  Sick kids.  That furnace that really should have been replaced two years […]

Wayward Afloat at Last! is a wonderful site for those who dream of building big, but relatively practical and pragmatic.  They’ve built a few boats, but this one, they say, is their last.  What a beauty. Their site says, “WAYWARD at Last – Finally a picture of WAYWARD sailing! The Lion of March has […]

Electric Boats Are Our Future. Right?

Electric cars are certainly are the next wave of automotive innovation.   Will that be true for boats?  Here Robert LL “A gentle meander down the peaceful Thames river on a glorious summer day in Olde England, and there’s no noise or vibration because this boat is electric. It’s the ALFASTREET […]

Luxury Two Person Pontoon Boat?

This is a commercially produced boat.  At one point you could buy one, but now use this to get inspired to design and build something like it.  Their video says, “Ashton Boat works specializes in handcrafted electric pontoon boats utilizing the finest in woods and components. These boats are incredibly stable […]