A Punt Celebration

An expansion of an earlier post. Initial Reasoning Through my years of boat ownership, I’ve learned that the best boat is the one that gets used. Most don’t get used, truly. There are a lot of reasons why, but here are a few I’ve experienced: Too heavy to launch on […]

Scamp Build Inside the House

I’ve just started watching this playlist but I knew right away I had to share it with you. In brief, here’s a guy building a scamp in what appears to be his house, with few tools and just a bit of knowledge. Just a bit. Well, it is inside his […]

We Live Two Lives Now

Let’s see.  Why not build a boat? Too Old Too Out of Shape Not Enough Money Not Enough Time No Skills Too Many Excuses. – Hmm. Doug Jackson built a 74 ft boat right in his front yard. He spearheaded building the ship known as SV Seeker 7 years ago […]

Tiny Home That Floats

Love these homes on the water. Their site says, WE CREATE CHARMING COTTAGES THAT FLOAT! Have you ever dreamed of extending your waterfront estate with a cottage, boathouse, or dock house? There are many large houseboats available, but we offer vessels suitable for the private estate, lake, pond, or restricted […]

Large Devlin Design – Beautiful

Malone built a beautiful houseboat recently.  Pictures below.  The site says, “The hull of this boat is designed by Sam Devlin of Tumwater, Washington. He created the stitch-and-glue boatbuilding method and indeed wrote a book about it, “Devlin’s Boat Building”.   The interior design with all its details are the creation […]