Did You Know?

New Direction for America’s Cup

Certainly this has nothing to do with homebuilding, at least not yet! The old timers could never have imagined. Youtube says, “Here it is! The ground-breaking new #americascup class race boat concept. The #AC75 is the bold new high performance fully foiling monohull.”

The Long Perilous Journey of an Old Fishing Boat

A story about the life, near death and resurrection of a 77-foot fishing boat…from Key Peninsula News. “In 1983, a man stepped out of the crowd during a Cannery Row Foundation street festival organized by Michael Hemp and asked him, “How’d you like to get your hands on the Western […]

Did You Know? Ogeechee River Boats

We thought we’d seen them all through our years of daydreaming over the traditional boat designs.  Well, we hadn’t.  Had you heard of Ogeechee River Boats  Our headquarters is in Seattle, so we hadn’t even heard of the Ogeechee River!  Take a close look as the back is the front […]

Did You Know? Speed Sailing

Who knew?  Well, Wikipedia does!   Today’s exploration, speed sailing, the art of sailing a craft as fast as possible over a predetermined route, and having its overall or peak speed recorded and accredited by a regulatory body. We found it interesting to scan dates and speeds, with some of the top speeds […]