Guiclémanac’h – Day One

Today my build of guiclémanac’h officially begins.  Well, the garage clean-up has been ongoing, and more is needed, but there are other foundational items to take care of as well.  And, I plan to start work on the building jig. Yeah, let’s call this day one. Goals: Continue cleanup of garage […]

What Does This Build Mean to Me?

“So much wasted time.” – The final words of the actor and singer David Cassidy. What do I want from a boat?  Well, let’s set the stage. There is a time in your life for building dreams for the future, to think big, a time for your ambitions to push […]

Guiclémanac’h Pre-Build Continues

Oh, the love affairs I’ve had.  I’ve had one night stands and affairs that were intense and quick to burn out, much like shooting stars.  I’ve loved for weeks, then left them behind, only to return again a few months or even years later.  I’ve written about them extensively, laying […]

Building a Strongback Right-Side Up

While my workshop overhaul continues I am also working on getting a full understanding of the plans for Guiclémanac’h.  The designer, Yann Quenet, has been VERY helpful so far, but he would admit that the plans were designed for a professional yard, one that already knows how to build a hatch, […]

Guiclémanac’h, My Next Boat Build

This is going to be the boat I build next.  Guiclemanac’h, designed by Yann Quenet in France.  The decision took a decade of thinking and dreaming, and honestly, 3 false starts in building, but this build felt important, especially now, ten years in.  Life is short and if I am […]