Building Hands On

A Complete Overview on Building Your Own Kayak

CLC is a major supplier of small boat plans and kits.   Here they say, “This is the complete Chesapeake Light Craft kayak building video, filmed in 2001. John Harris walks you through every step in the construction of a Chesapeake 16 kayak. Straightforward to build, handsome, and with famously benign […]

Kids Learn to Build Boats in 5th Grade

From Coastal Journal: BATH — Ashton Jacobs had no problem sanding the port side of a not-yet-seaworthy wooden vessel despite his mother and several classmates watching his every move. Jacobs leaned in closely and meticulously went back and forth with a piece of sandpaper, smoothing out the underside of the […]

Building Micro Petrel Dinghy

Ulrich Koch on YouTube says, “The first time I tried the stich and glue method to build a small boat – in fact the first time I built a boat by myself. This is no “how to” video, just some video footage from the building process. The boat was designed […]

Videos: Building a Canoe

Youtube says, “Raven, our home made Canadian canoe and Danube trip with my dog and the guys I bought the plans from Selway Fisher (….) it took us 3 months to build them both with only a couple of hours a day in the evening and some week-ends. A great boat […]

20 Year Old Never Sailed, Rebuilds Sailboat

From Popular Mechanics:  “I’d never sailed before. This wasn’t a problem, however, because we were not sailing. We were hobbling.     My new boat, bought for $5,000 from a man who told us only after we’d paid that we had two days to move the boat before he was […]