Building Hands On

Sukha Build – Day 4

Plans are a guide to building.  Some plans include a LOT of info, others less, but none of them include everything.  There are decisions to be made, both in what exactly the designer meant, and in what modifications you may want to make so the boat works well for you. […]

Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Three

I bought my first plywood sheets and have laid out the first of three internal backbones for my Sukha build.  I am excited, as this feels like the first REAL day of boat building. Today’s mission was: mount cartop racks on my Toyota Prius Prime so I can haul plywood. […]

Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Two

Building a boat is a long term proposition, as is cleaning up a basement that hasn’t seen organizational efforts in some time.  Day two in this build was spent doing more cleanup.  I had to create more “away” spaces, today mostly focusing on camping/boating gear such as a tent and […]

Guiclémanac’h – Day One

Today my build of guiclémanac’h officially begins.  Well, the garage clean-up has been ongoing, and more is needed, but there are other foundational items to take care of as well.  And, I plan to start work on the building jig. Yeah, let’s call this day one. Goals: Continue cleanup of garage […]

What Does This Build Mean to Me?

“So much wasted time.” – The final words of the actor and singer David Cassidy. What do I want from a boat?  Well, let’s set the stage. There is a time in your life for building dreams for the future, to think big, a time for your ambitions to push […]

N.E.D. is What I Need.

As I daydream about a possible build of N.E.D., the Nesting Expedition Dinghy, this is what comes to mind.  This is my daydream… and someday it will happen.   Floating a few dozen yards off-shore, I considered how to make the first landing of my trIp. Above me, a gentle […]