Building Hands On

Sukha – Day 6

I went out for coffee with a friend the other day and conversation turned to my build. “I’m calling it Sukha, Sanskrit for bliss or happiness,” I proudly proclaimed. “Soo-Kha”, I pronounced, then spelled it out. “Better not call it that or people will be calling it “sucka”, as in […]

Sukha – Building Steps – Page 1

I’ll try to update this document as I go along in the build.  It will become very tedious, so odds are I won’t be able to do the WHOLE build. Stories about the boat: Guiclémanac’h, a Wonderful Little Boat Guiclémanac’h, My Next Boat Build Clean up workshop making sure there […]

Sukha Build – Day 4

Plans are a guide to building.  Some plans include a LOT of info, others less, but none of them include everything.  There are decisions to be made, both in what exactly the designer meant, and in what modifications you may want to make so the boat works well for you. […]

Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Three

I bought my first plywood sheets and have laid out the first of three internal backbones for my Sukha build.  I am excited, as this feels like the first REAL day of boat building. Today’s mission was: mount cartop racks on my Toyota Prius Prime so I can haul plywood. […]

Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Two

Building a boat is a long term proposition, as is cleaning up a basement that hasn’t seen organizational efforts in some time.  Day two in this build was spent doing more cleanup.  I had to create more “away” spaces, today mostly focusing on camping/boating gear such as a tent and […]