Building Hands On

Video: Building a Construction Frame

Before you build a boat you must build some sort of stand to hold the parts in place and to properly align them. This won’t work for all boats, but it gives a good view of how to go about it… and is this guy meticulous.  First few minutes is […]

Now THIS is a Clever Way to Flip a Boat!

It’s some work, and not without some hassles such as adding new holes in your garage floor, but it’s clever.  The Youtube clip says… “Turning the hull around bringing it to my new shed. In trying to find a simple method of lifting and turning, I ended up using two […]

Adding Foam to a Boat. A Superb Discussion.

I am thinking of building a boat that needs some foam as a part of the building process.  Having never done foam before I did some searching and found some great comments here.  I’ll include a few specific comments, but recommend following the link to the entire forum post.  Note […]

Building hatches

When it comes to building a good hatch for your boat finding a balance between convenience and a high level of protection from water can be a real challenge. Jim Michalak says, “All of my sailing boats, except for the tiny dinks, have air boxes which provide emergency buoyancy. I […]

Glue and Plywood Testing. Which is best?

A great look at plywood and glue. Which ones are best, and is marine plywood worth it? Well… Youtube Video says, “We did some basic test on standard 3/4″ plywood versus marine plywood with dry and wet samples. We also tested four different construction adhesives for their ability to hold […]