Building Hands On

Sukha Build – Day 8

Living in a house for 32 years has advantages and disadvantages. On the downside: I’ve done a lot of hobbies/interests and don’t excel at organizing it all. Also, my son is storing all his woodworking and mechanic tools and supplies in my workspace and doesn’t organize that well, to put […]

Scamp Build Inside the House

I’ve just started watching this playlist but I knew right away I had to share it with you. In brief, here’s a guy building a scamp in what appears to be his house, with few tools and just a bit of knowledge. Just a bit. Well, it is inside his […]

Sukha Build – Day 7

Given I am changing the boat plans somewhat, I am trying to be VERY aware of my choices.  At this point I am thinking of my addition of a rear cockpit instead of a flat deck.   I’ve built a 3-D model in Sketchup, which helps a lot. This morning has […]

Sukha – Day 6

I went out for coffee with a friend the other day and conversation turned to my build. “I’m calling it Sukha, Sanskrit for bliss or happiness,” I proudly proclaimed. “Soo-Kha”, I pronounced, then spelled it out. “Better not call it that or people will be calling it “sucka”, as in […]

Sukha – Building Steps – Page 1

I’ll try to update this document as I go along in the build.  It will become very tedious, so odds are I won’t be able to do the WHOLE build. Stories about the boat: Guiclémanac’h, a Wonderful Little Boat Guiclémanac’h, My Next Boat Build Clean up workshop making sure there […]