Building Hands On

Guiclémanac’h/Sukha – Day Two

Building a boat is a long term proposition, as is cleaning up a basement that hasn’t seen organizational efforts in some time.  Day two in this build was spent doing more cleanup.  I had to create more “away” spaces, today mostly focusing on camping/boating gear such as a tent and […]

Guiclémanac’h – Day One

Today my build of guiclémanac’h officially begins.  Well, the garage clean-up has been ongoing, and more is needed, but there are other foundational items to take care of as well.  And, I plan to start work on the building jig. Yeah, let’s call this day one. Goals: Continue cleanup of garage […]

N.E.D. is What I Need.

As I daydream about a possible build of N.E.D., the Nesting Expedition Dinghy, this is what comes to mind.  This is my daydream… and someday it will happen.   Floating a few dozen yards off-shore, I considered how to make the first landing of my trIp. Above me, a gentle […]

Modular Test Bed

I am almost ready to make my next boat.  Almost.   Honestly, I simply can’t believe how much this choice has been vexing me.  I’ve been pondering the question for at least a decade, and seriously so over the past two years.  In that time, I’ve changed my mind… constantly. Why? […]

Guiclémanac’h Pre-Build Continues

Oh, the love affairs I’ve had.  I’ve had one night stands and affairs that were intense and quick to burn out, much like shooting stars.  I’ve loved for weeks, then left them behind, only to return again a few months or even years later.  I’ve written about them extensively, laying […]

Building a Strongback Right-Side Up

While my workshop overhaul continues I am also working on getting a full understanding of the plans for Guiclémanac’h.  The designer, Yann Quenet, has been VERY helpful so far, but he would admit that the plans were designed for a professional yard, one that already knows how to build a hatch, […]