Building Hands On

Guiclémanac’h Pre-Build Continues

Oh, the love affairs I’ve had.  I’ve had one night stands and affairs that were intense and quick to burn out, much like shooting stars.  I’ve loved for weeks, then left them behind, only to return again a few months or even years later.  I’ve written about them extensively, laying […]

Building a Strongback Right-Side Up

While my workshop overhaul continues I am also working on getting a full understanding of the plans for Guiclémanac’h.  The designer, Yann Quenet, has been VERY helpful so far, but he would admit that the plans were designed for a professional yard, one that already knows how to build a hatch, […]

Using Peel Ply for Less Sanding has some great HOW-TO content, including this info on using Peel Ply. Read our excerpt, then head on over to the site for more images to help guide you through it. CLC says, “We’ve written before about the challenge of getting smooth surfaces with epoxy and fiberglass.  It takes at least […]

Making Perfect Epoxy Fillets

Our shop’s first boat was built before the Internet had video!   When we did our fillets, we used WAY too much fillet material.  Don’t be us.  Watch this. The YouTube video says, “Real time demonstration of making a perfect epoxy fillet using WEST epoxy and Microspheres Blend filler by expert […]

Steam Frames in Plastic Bags

Sometimes you need to steam wood in order to bend it sharply enough to serve as a boat frame, and all you can use is a steam box.  Wrong. The Youtube clip says, “Shipwright Louis Sauzedde shows us his trick for steam-bending frames using plastic bags rather than a traditional […]