Building Hands On

Punt Progress

My Michalak punt build is progressing nicely, in spite of Spring rain showers. The first build: I’ve made some changes. I am sure this sort of thing can frustrate designers, but so it goes. First off, my biggest concern was that hassles mean a boat doesn’t get used. Especially with […]

A Punt Celebration

An expansion of an earlier post. Initial Reasoning Through my years of boat ownership, I’ve learned that the best boat is the one that gets used. Most don’t get used, truly. There are a lot of reasons why, but here are a few I’ve experienced: Too heavy to launch on […]

Sukha Build – Day 12

So far I have built the following: Strongback Frames 3, 4, 5, 7 Backbones, 1 front and 2 rear Now, this involved a lot of layout, butt joints, and cutting, so the progress feels further than those few bits and pieces. Besides, it is starting to look a bit like […]

Sukha Build – Day 11

This is a test fitting on the sidewalk, a great way to get a sense of how we will fit inside. Reminder: Guiclémanac’h is the name of the design.  Sukha is the name of this particular boat.  Sukha is easier/possible to say, so I’ll mostly write Sukha. Click here to see […]

Sukha Build – Day 10

A quick note. Here’s what I did this morning. It is starting to go 3-D. Now it gets exciting. The rest of life halts boat building for the rest of the day, at this point anyway. Work. Relatives. Time with my wife. Stuff. I retired, but there is an emergency […]

Sukha Build – Day 9

I’ve started 7 boat builds. I finished 4. Will I finish this boat? I am pretty sure I will, but this morning I was thinking back. What went wrong with the other three? For my first attempt, a Bolger Sneakeasy, my fantasy surpassed my skills and after a while, it […]